The Princes of A Different Kind of Knight by Mary Waibel

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It’s always a pleasure to have my writing buddy and fabulous author Mary Waibel on the blog. Today we get a truly swoon-worthy character interview in triplet as Mary chats with Princes Devlin, Trevor, and Brody. Mary’s latest YA fantasy A Different Kind of Knight comes out next week. She has a great BOGO deal going on and a giveaway, too. Welcome, Mary and Princes!


A peek inside a meeting with Prince Devlin, Prince Trevor, and Prince Brody

I cannot believe how lucky I was to get an invitation to visit Wyvern Castle. This palace is absolutely gorgeous! Towers, incredible stonework, amazing tapestries. My guest room, on the second floor, is almost the size of my living room and kitchen together- HUGE!

A large mirror hangs on the wall, touching the floor. Noticing it looks crooked, I step over to straighten it, gasping when it swings open, revealing a servants passage. So that’s how they got my cases up here without me seeing them. Curious, I step inside and wander around. Hearing the sound of muffled voices, I stop and look through an opening in the wall.

I peer into what looks to be a library, filled wall to wall, and floor to second story ceiling, with books. On the wall to the left is a fireplace, the blazing fire taking the damp chill from the air. Lounging on overstuffed leather chairs are Princes Devlin, Trevor, and Brody. They each wear their respective kingdoms’ colors. Trevor in blue and silver, Devlin in black and silver, and Brody in green and gold. Trevor wears his dark blond hair loose, while Devlin has his black hair tied at the nape of his neck. Brody’s sun-streaked blond hair is loose, and his beard braids nice and neat.

It’s easy to see the three are close friends, especially given the teasing comments flying around the room. I take a step forward, and a door swings open. Three pairs of eyes pin me in place as their hands drift toward their waists, and the blades they’ve concealed there.

Me: (blushing, hands held up) Sorry! I didn’t mean to startle you.

Trevor: (chuckles) That’s okay. We’re all a little on edge. (stands and waves to a seat) Please, come in and join us.

Me: (sits and looks around) Has something happened that has you all so nervous?

Trevor: No, but given the events of the last year one can never be too careful.

Devlin: So true. It’s hard to know who’s a friend or foe; even family can be out to get you.

Brody: At least your sister only put you under a spell. It’s worse when they try to kill you.

Trevor: (grins) I guess I’m the lucky one. No one in my family has it out for me.

Brody: (arches a brow) If that’s true, then why does Bri’s brother Sebastian keep looking at you like he wants to pound you?

Trevor: (pales and looks at the library door) Slight misunderstanding. Something about making Bri cry. I’m sure she’ll explain it all and everything will be fine.

Devlin: (eyes crinkle as he laughs) Oh, a protective brother type?

Trevor: (mutters under his breath.) Overprotective, if you ask me.

Brody: Shall I mention that when I see him?

Trevor: (glares at Brody) No. Not unless you want a repeat of what happened in your aunt’s flower garden.

Brody: (laughs) I’ll pass. By the way, how did you manage to get Aunt Yvonne to let you off the hook for destroying her prized rose bush?

Trevor: (smiles) That’s something I’ll take to my grave. Can’t have you learning all my secrets, now can I?

Devlin: Speaking of secrets, what’s in the future for you, Brody?

Brody: (smiles widely) Well, I don’t know if I should spoil the fun. I mean, my book hasn’t even come out yet, and you want me to give up secrets about it?

Trevor: Maybe not all, but just one?

Brody: (strokes his beard braids as he thinks) All right. Just one. How do you think I’d match with Princess Gabrielle of Faldaera?

Trevor: (laughs loudly) I think she’d never have you. She turned down my father’s proposal―said I wasn’t, and I quote, a skilled enough warrior for her liking.

Devlin: (chuckles and shakes his head) Sounds like she had your number, but certainly the same cannot be said for Brody. He’

s a much more skilled fighter than you. After all, tales of his skill have reached far to the north of Breneira. So, is it a good match?

Brody: I guess you’ll have to read my story and find out.

Different Kind of Knight 300 dpiA Different Kind of Knight blurb:

Through a twist of fate, Princess Gabrielle became First Knight of the King’s Elite Guard, a position always held by the second born male. She’s spent years proving to the Minsters of Faldaera she is capable of leading the king’s Army.

When mythical creatures plague her kingdom, Rielle is sent to capture Captain Brody, the alleged culprit behind the attacks and the man who broke her heart four years ago.

Brody, Crown Prince of Delphine, is living in self-imposed exile, atoning for the sins of his father. But Fate has different plans for him. Tired, beaten down, and ready to give up on life, he is tossed into the path of the one person he would do anything for―Princess Gabrielle.

With a traitor in her ranks, and a mark on her head, Brody joins forces with Rielle, hoping to keep the woman he loves safe. Happily-ever-after is not guaranteed, and mythical creatures aren’t the only danger the couple face. As battles rage, Rielle has the chance to prove herself a capable leader, but will doing so cost her the love of her life?

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