The Best Magic a Companion Story to Eric Price’s Unveiling the Wizards’ Shroud

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I’m super thrilled to welcome Eric Price back to the blog. Last time Eric offered us an original report from the world of his upcoming YA fantasy Unveiling the Wizards’ Shroud (see my 5 star Goodreads review here). Today Eric gives us a look at his companion short to Unveiling called The Best Magic and a giveaway.

Unveiling the Wizards Shroud 333x500 FinalFrom The Best Magic

by Eric Price

Vivek rested a hand on Eliska’s shoulder as they faced the boulders. “Eliska, you came to see my best magic, and I think you will agree this is it.”

He raised his hands in the air. The bright sunshine became dull and shadows covered the land. A black storm cloud formed and blotted out the sunlight, giving the appearance of night. Lightning unlike any Eliska had seen before—somehow sharper, more intense—flashed and struck the largest boulder, sending a crack through it. The report of the thunderclap made Eliska’s heart feel like it stopped beating in her chest, and she had to gasp for breath. The crack in the boulder widened. The sky lit with blue and white flashes of lightning from all directions. Every bolt struck only the boulders in the stream, not coming anywhere near the villagers. The boulders cracked and split from the electricity. They further crumbled under the rumble of thunder.

Hail followed the lightning. First small pieces the size of pebbles fell, but soon chunks as big as a grown man’s fist pummeled the boulders. The cracks caused by the lightning and thunder expanded from the barrage of hail. The pulverized boulders became rocks no bigger than cannonballs. Even as the large hail poured on the boulders, the villagers remained unscathed.

As Eliska watched the last boulders disintegrate, her hair flew in her face as the previously still air began to blow. Soon her hair whipped and tangled as the breeze became gusts. The cloud grew a hand as five tornadoes reached for the ground! They touched down in a shroud of dust and crawled toward what remained of the boulders. The rocks rose into the air and hovered before the cyclones carried them away.

Unveiling the Wizards’ Shroud blurb:

As the only son to King Kendrick, Owen despises the idea of being king one day. Magician may be the only career he’d like less. He has dreaded the days leading up to his fifteenth birthday, when his father will certainly declare Owen heir to the throne. But at the birthday celebration, his father falls ill. The only person in the kingdom that may be able to save him is a magician–the very same magician Owen holds responsible for the death of his mother.

Owen and his companions will have to travel the continent of Wittatun in search of the cure for King Kendrick. On the journey, they will battle strange beasts and harsh climates, befriend extraordinary magicians, and meet a dragon before returning to Innes Castle–where much has happened in the days since he departed.

Unveiling is available for pre-order at the MuseItUp bookstore.

Me in a T-shirtAbout the Author:

Eric grew up in central Illinois. He now lives in northwest Iowa with his wife and two sons. He began publishing in 2008 when he started writing a quarterly column for a local newspaper. His first short story, “Ghost Bed and Ghoul Breakfast,” a spooky children’s tale about a haunted bed and breakfast, came out later the same year. He has published more than 30 nonfiction articles/columns, four short stories, and a poem. Three of his short stories have won honorable mention in the CrossTIME Annual Science Fiction contest. This is his first novel.

Website/Blog authorericprice.com

Twitter: @AuthorEricPrice

Facebook: Author Eric Price and Unveiling the Wizards’ Shroud


Unveiling the Wizards’ Shroud comes out November 22. It’s available to pre-order now on the Muse It Up Publishing website. If you pre-order it, save your confirmation number and enter it into the rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win a T-shirt featuring the beautiful cover art by CK Volnek. I’d even scribble my name across the shirt, if you so desire.

Available in all sizes. For US mailing addresses only, sorry. Non-US readers, if you pre-order, keep your confirmation number as well. I have more giveaways planned for after the release.

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  • Always a pleasure having you and your imaginative work on the blog, Eric. Unveiling the Wizards’ Shroud is a fantastic read and I highly recommend it…though I may be a bit biased! 🙂

  • Meradeth says:

    Great short, Eric! Very cinematic 🙂 Best of luck with your upcoming release!

  • Loren says:

    Perfect story to read on a stormy night here in TO.
    Good luck Eric!

  • Leona Pence says:

    Nice post, Eric & Katie. Best wishes and lots of luck with sales.

  • Heather Fraser Brainerd says:

    Nice excerpt from the companion short. Very exciting!

  • Eric Price says:

    Thank you for the moving review, Katie. For a second, I thought, “Wow, I need to read this book.” Then I realized I already had… about twenty times. What can I say, it’s been a long day.

    Everyone else, thank you for stopping by. Sorry, I usually like to personalize comments to everyone, but it’s getting late here, and I had a great idea for a post I need to put together for Mary Waibel’s blog. Consider that a teaser.

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