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I’m super excited to welcome Erin Albert, author of the forthcoming YA fantasy The Prophecy. I have had the pleasure of reading it, but I haven’t posted my Goodreads review yet (I’m waiting until a little closer to the November release). I will tell you it will be getting 5 stars! Welcome, Erin!

TheProphecy_ErinAlbert_AuthorPhoto_SmallerWhat inspired you to write The Prophecy?

At the time I started writing The Prophecy, I’d been reading and watching a lot of Game of Thrones and stories of Arthurian legend.  I don’t know that they inspired the story, per se, but they definitely influenced the feel and time period of the world.

What books had the most influence on you while growing up?

Growing up, I loved Charlotte’s Web.  I wanted to name a child Charlotte because I loved it so much. LOL!  I also enjoyed most books by Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary.  As I got older, I fell in writing love with Shakespeare. I prefer the depth of his tragedies though I traditionally like happily ever after endings.  My favorite Shakespeare plays are Romeo and Juliet and Othello.

At what moment did you truly begin to feel like an author?

I think I started to really feel like an author when I began doing interviews and people started to “know” me.  I’ve always defined myself as a “writer,” but the definition “author” feels like it comes more from the outside.  The moment someone buys and reads The Prophecy, I will truly wear the “author” label…and proudly.  😉

You’re a bit of a grammar nerd. What is your biggest grammar pet peeve?

Awwww…you’re sweet to say “a bit.”  I’m a major grammar nerd.  😉  I’d say my biggest grammar pet peeve, that spazzes me out the most, is less and fewer.  If a quantity can be counted, always use fewer, with the exception of time, money, and distance. Don’t you love the English language—that ALWAYS do such and such just with this exception?  LOL!  The checkout lines at Wal-Mart, Target, and similar stores should read “10 items or fewer.”  I get a nervous tic every time I see “10 items or less.”

What is your favorite literary love triangle?

I’d have to say Tessa, Will, and Jem in The Infernal Devices series. Tessa never reduces herself to the whiny, sniveling, torn girl, and I love that.  Will and Jem are both upstanding, and I honestly had trouble choosing between them. Cassandra Clare set the bar very high for a good love triangle.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? 

I’m super nosey, so I’d like to be invisible.  If I had a dime for every time I said, “I’d love to be fly on that wall,” I’d be rich.  Invisibility would give me the power to do that without having to turn into a yucky fly!  😉

The Prophecy excerpt:

Even though she knew she had no chance to escape now, Layla shoved the Elder with all her might. The blow sent him flying into the baker’s door, which splintered under the force, and she darted forward. The Vanguard soldiers moved to block her.

“We are all Vanguards,” she pleaded. “Please let me go.”

For a moment, they hesitated. Layla used the opening to slip around them. She ran as fast as her legs would carry her, but they proved to be too slow. Within moments, the soldiers leapt upon her, knocking her to the ground. Wrenching Layla up by her hair, they dragged her back to the Elder, whose face now bled from his encounter with the baker’s door.

“I see you’re going to be trouble.” He brushed the dirt off his robes. “You can’t escape your destiny, girl.”

About the Author:

Erin Albert is an author and fitness trainer.  Since she picked up Morris the Moose Goes to School at age four, she has been infatuated with the written word.  She went on to work as a grammar and writing tutor in college and is still teased by her family and friends for being a member of the “Grammar Police.”  In her free time, Erin enjoys acting, running, kickboxing, and, of course, reading and writing.

Find Erin online:

Twitter:  @ErinAlbertBooks

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Erin-Albert-Books/182769448541270

Website:  www.erinalbertbooks.com

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18160774-the-prophecy

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  • Eric Price says:

    Great interview, Katie.

    You know, Erin, over time language evolves. That’s why irregardless is now considered a word (my pet peeve). Anyway, it’d probably be more economical to change the exceptions to time, money, distance, and check out lines than change all those register signs. Otherwise the merchandise would cost more to offset the price of new signs…you’ve got a book or something, right? It sounds good too.

    • Eric– LOL! Irregardless!! Yes! There is actually a restaurant here named that. What?? 😉

      Language is always changing. Even MLA can’t make up its mind about some things. For example, the serial comma rule changes every 10 years or so. Craziness! 😉

  • The “less/fewer” thing drives me INSANE, especially in advertising. It’s always nice to meet a fellow grammar nerd. 🙂

  • Great interview Erin and Katie! I’m going to keep this comment short in case I write something using bad grammar…lol!

    Good luck with your book, Erin. The excerpt was exciting.

    Susan Bernhardt

  • Holy Moly….I am sending my work to YOU Erin before sending it in for submissions. I didn’t even know there was a difference between less and fewer! But I will notice it in the checkout lines now! LOL

    Your book sounds fabulous! I’ll be looking for it in November!

    Great interview!

    • Penny– LOL! See? My job is complete! If one person now recognizes the problem at the checkout line, I feel good about my life. Haha!! 😉

      Poor Katie is my editor. A few times, I would say, “I simply can’t make that change because it violates my grammar sensibilities.” Haha!! She’s saintly to deal with me! 😉

      Thank you! I’m looking forward to November as well! 😉

  • Kai Strand says:

    Grammar ain’t my thing – that’s why we have editors. Right? Some of us aren’t hard wired for it, anyway. And, by the way, I don’t really use the word ain’t in the real world 😉 Looking forward to your book, Erin.

  • Heather Fraser Brainerd says:

    Nice interview, Erin and Katie! I’m guilty of grammar neediness, too. Your book sounds great! Isn’t YA fun?

  • Emma Adams says:

    I’m a complete grammar freak, too! The Tessa/Jem/Will love triangle is probably the best I’ve read, as well. Great interview! 🙂

  • Meradeth says:

    Two of my favorite people in one place! Yay for Erin and Katie 🙂 And I must agree–love the Infernal Devices triangle–sooo good!

  • J.Q. Rose says:

    Oh nooooooo, another pet peeve to add to MY list…I wasn’t aware of the rule on fewer and lesser..grrrrrrr…Charlotte’s Web wasn’t a childhood favorite, but I read it every year to my third grade classes and it is a favorite even at my age! Best wishes on your new release. Anxious to read it!

    • LOL! The pet peeve list gets longer and longer when you love grammar! Haha!! 😉

      Charlotte’s Web is amazing, and I loved the old movie version too. 😉

      Thank you so much!! 😀

  • Wow Great Interview!! Erin, I am definitely going to read your book!! Oh and can I do the next interview??? hehehe 🙂

  • Thanks to Erin for the guest post and to everyone who stopped by. I was away at my sister-in-law’s farm in upstate NY all weekend, so I didn’t get a chance to reply to all the comments…but I have been reading them!

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