Five Things I Hate About You!

Posted by Katie L. Carroll on July 11, 2012 in Books, Conferences, Food |

I’ve been selected to receive two very prestigious (or silly…your call) blog awards! Thanks to the lovely Mirka Breen for choosing me. First up:

For this one, I have the pleasure of naming five of my favorite books by writers I have met or know from the interweb. These are all authors I’ve met in person at my favorite conference, the SCBWI Eastern PA Poconos conference.

  1. When A Dragon Moves In by Jodi Moore
  2. Olivia Bean, Trivia Queen by Donna Gephart
  3. Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson
  4. May the Best Dog Win by Kelly Hashway
  5. Touching the Surface by Kimberly Sabatini (okay, I haven’t read this whole book yet and it doesn’t release until October, but I love Kim and know it’s going to be fantastic)

 Next award up is:

For this, I have to name five things I like and five I don’t.


  1. American cheese (not only are you unAmerican if you don’t like this cheese, but I suspect your taste buds might be dead too)
  2. Cream cheese (preferably on a sesame seed bagel, but it’s also good with toast and jelly)
  3. Cheddar cheese (on crackers, in tacos, in little cubes by the handful…it’s all good)
  4. Mozzarella cheese (pizza…’nuf said)
  5. Ricotta cheese (but only in a cannoli, otherwise this cheese belongs in the next list)


  1. When TV shows actually show people vomiting…why do they do that?
  2. Bicyclists who want to be respected on the road but refuse to follow the rules of the road
  3. The phrase “it is what it is”
  4. Books where nothing happens
  5. When you’re passing by someone and you smile at them, but they don’t smile back, even though they clearly saw you

Okay, now it’s my job to pass these awards along to five other bloggers. Except I don’t want to give them to peeps who don’t like doing these types of things, so I’ll bestow the awards on the first five commenters who say they would like to be awarded.

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  • Susan Royal says:

    5 likes: Early morning when my day is still a blank canvas, A dark, rainy day where I can stay at home, A good cup of coffee, A book I love so much I don’t want it to end, when inspiration hits

    5 dislikes: People who assume I’m going to instantly make millions since I’ve been published, days when nothing seems to go right, Migraine headaches, being disorganized, days when the temperature goes above 90 degrees

    • Susan Royal says:

      Methinks I didn’t read the directions. I’d love to get an award.

      • Oooh, I love a good cup of tea and a book I love so much I don’t want it to end. I always miss the characters when I’m done with a good book, like they’re good friends who moved away.

        Consider yourself awarded. Feel free to grab the award images from my post and put up your lists on your blog. I’ll post links to all the awardees’ blogs in the next couple of days.

  • Mirka Breen says:

    Love your cheese tray!
    Now I may technically be in the first five, but you can’t pass them back. No returns…
    You blog is a delight.

  • Mike Arsuaga says:

    Five likes: My grand kids, finishing a writing project, CNBC, living in Florida, and starting a writing project.

    Five dislikes: Any of the “Wives of” programs, reality TV, email spam, hackers, and poor sales.

  • Call me Ishmael says:

    I am seeing some good likes. But I don’t know how one can make lasagna without rigot. My five: seeing a bird in my yard, seeing a chipmunk in my yard, seeing a raccoon in my yard, seeing a bunny in my yard, and seeing a deer in my yard.

    As far as dislikes go, I must admit I don’t always smile but I always show recognition of another human by haying hi or waving. One must wonder about these robots who stalk office hallways. A current dislike is people who simply must tell a horrific animal story. You know I love them; don’t tell me about it!

    • When my mom makes lasagna, she sometimes makes a small one without the rigot! For those few of us who prefer it without!

      I agree a sea dwelling creature like you should not be subjected to any animal horror stories.

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