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Posted by Katie L. Carroll on October 15, 2014 in Confessions of an Author, Writing |

Life is proving to be busy (hubby and I are celebrating our 9-year anniversary today…yikes, makes me feel old!), so this week I’m digging into the archives for this post. Enjoy!

Confession #3: I sometimes wear my pajamas to work.

You know that advice that you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Well, if you want to be an author, dress in your pajamas. Seriously, fess up you pajama-wearing writers…I know I’m not the only one out there.

So my typical outfit this time of year (winter in New England) is a t-shirt with a sweatshirt or sweater over it (sometimes both); pajama pants or sweatpants; thick, fuzzy socks; and slippers. I get cold pretty easily!

Now, when I’m out in public as a writer—say at a conference or school visit or accepting a prestigious award (okay, maybe this last one is only in a fictional world)—I dress professionally. I would call it business casual.

And I have a sort of personal rule about not wearing sweatpants in public. The only exceptions this are when if I’m working out or have just come from working out and make a stop on the way. I don’t even like to go grocery shopping in sweatpants…kind of makes me feel like I’ve given up on life.

But when I tapping away at my laptop keyboard…comfy clothes all the way! Okay, what’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve worn out in public?

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  • I always have to get showered and dressed first thing. If I try lounging in my pajamas someone will undoubtedly show up at my front door.
    I pretty much wear jeans for everything. And I admit, I have many pairs with big, gaping holes at the knees. And those are my favorites. I did finally stop wearing them in public though, when I bumped into a friend from church at the store and she said “What happened to you?” I’m not sure what SHE thought happened. But I guess I looked a lot worse than I thought. LOL.

    • I used to have to shower first thing in the morning…then I had my son, and showering wasn’t always top priority. Now I usually jump in the shower when The Boy goes down for his afternoon nap.

      Great story about the holey jeans. I’ve been known to patch and patch my favorite old pairs of jeans, which always seems to get holes in the butt.

  • Meradeth says:

    I totally wear comfy clothes to write in. Honestly, I stay in pj’s for a good deal of the weekend if I can. But I generally always at least have jeans on to go out. Workout clothes are a last resort if I can’t help needing to stop on my way home (and then I keep my distance from everyone as I know I smell!).

    • Since I work from home now, I find it’s important to wear ‘real’ clothes when I leave the house, since I’ve gotten pretty lazy with my home wear. Haha about being smelly. Back in my early 20’s, I’d go out with the soccer team for drinks right after games…a change of shirt didn’t always mask the smell!

  • Mirka Breen says:

    I spent my twenties getting out of my put-together look as soon as I got home. But now that I can wear any old thing, I find that I need to get out of “night clothes” as soon as I get up… Must be a state of mind.
    The goofiest thing I wore in public is actually my “Author Outfit.” A friend had a top made that says AUTHOR and has my book cover on it, with my website on back. I wore it to every author event along with the socks another friend gave me that have books all over them, and the earrings that have golden books dangling from them, given by yet a third friend. It’s like taking my friends with me, which is a professional necessity… (You can see it on my blog post a few posts ago and on my site in the News page)-
    I’ll be wearing it as necessary 😉

  • Ah, the perks of being a writer. 🙂

  • I was just talking about this with a friend but I can’t wear pjs to write unless it’s night. I feel like I have be dressed to work. But dressed for me is just jeans and a hoodie.

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